Why Choose Shared Office Space for Your Startup?

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Introduction to shared office spaces for startups

In today’s changing business world, startups are choosing shared office spaces more for their office space. The global market for shared workspaces was worth around USD 13.29 billion in 2022. It’s expected to keep growing at about 14.9% every year until 2030. This shows how popular these spaces are becoming.

Shared office spaces offer startups lots of benefits. It enables startups to choose the rent period. They also have the freedom to work whenever they want. Shared office space saves startups a lot of money compared to regular offices. And as the business grows, they can easily get more space. Shared office spaces are also great for meeting new people and working together on projects. Plus, they come with everything startups need to work comfortably and productively. Shared office spaces are a good choice for startups. They give startups the freedom and tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive business world.

What is a shared office?

A shared office, also known as coworking space, is a workspace where different people or companies share the same office space. Instead of everyone having their own separate office, they share office space such as desks and meeting rooms. Renting a physical office space can be expensive. But with shared offices, there are no long-term leases or expensive upfront costs. This helps workers save money and work together with other professionals. It’s a good way to meet new people and make connections.

Benefits of flexible office spaces


1. Cost saving

Choosing a shared office space enables startups to save money. Traditional office leases need long-term commitment and pay expensive upfront costs. This can be difficult for startups with limited budgets. But shared offices allow them to pay only for the space they need, whether it’s a single desk or a private office. Also, they usually include utilities, internet, and reception services in the rental fees. Startups don’t need to prepare extra money for those essential resources.

2. Scalability 

Shared office spaces help startups grow their business. Traditional leases can lock startups into a workspace that might become too small or too big as they grow or shrink. But with shared offices, startups can easily upsize or downsize their workspace as needed. This scalability helps them stay flexible and adjust to changes without being tied down by a long-term lease.

3. Collaboration

Shared office spaces offer more opportunities for startups to collaborate and network with other business owners or professionals. Shared offices create a community where startups can work together and share ideas. Being around other people with similar interests lets startups connect and work with professionals from different fields. This boosts creativity and innovation.

4. Networking opportunities 

Shared office spaces offer more chances for startups to meet people. Many shared office providers organise networking events, workshops, or seminars. These events offer opportunities for startups to connect with other entrepreneurs, experts, and investors. Creating valuable connections can help startups grow. Shared offices also make it easy for startups to collaborate. This can lead to more chances for partnerships and joint ventures that help startups grow even more.

5. Flexibility 

Shared office spaces let startups choose when they want to work. This is helpful for startups that have team members working remotely in different time zones. Shared offices offer access to the workspace whenever startups need it. This meets the diverse needs of startups and their business members.

6. Agility 

Shared office spaces let startups change their office size and layout easily. This is good for startups when they grow or make changes in their business. They can add more space for new hires or reduce space based on their growth. The agility helps them save money and makes the workspace better for productivity and growing the business.

Access to amenities and support in coworking spaces

Shared office spaces offer startups access to useful resources. They offer amenities such as meeting rooms, fast internet, printers, and kitchens. These spaces are set up to help startups work efficiently. Convenient access to these amenities without high costs is beneficial for startups. Having these amenities makes startups look more professional, especially when meeting with clients or investors.

Some coworking spaces offer additional business support such as business mentorship programs. These supports are valuable for startups, especially ones that are just starting. By using the knowledge of the coworking community, startups can grow faster, and overcome challenges.

How do shared office spaces improve productivity

Shared office spaces are designed to improve workers’ productivity. These spaces provide a social environment, encouraging motivation and accountability among workers. They also create a stimulating and flexible work environment. This helps workers avoid distractions and fosters collaboration, boosting creativity.

1. Community and Collaboration

Shared spaces create a vibrant community where professionals bond, collaborate, and support each other. This enhances idea sharing. The collaborative environment sparks creativity and innovation. It provides valuable opportunities for growth and success within the workspace.

2. Empowerment

Shared spaces empower professionals. They enable job customization, aligning tasks with individual skills and interests. This leads to increased job satisfaction and productivity. These spaces also offer networking opportunities. They provide avenues for skill enhancement and professional growth. Through connecting with peers, each professional can refine skills. They also shape their professional identity. This ultimately enhances their confidence and productivity in the workspace.

3. Work Environment and Well-being

Shared office spaces prioritise workers’ well-being. They provide a flexible and stimulating environment. This environment promotes comfort and inspiration. It contributes to overall well-being by offering a conducive setting for work. Interacting with other motivated professionals fosters drive and enthusiasm. It also enables personalised workspace design. This optimization enhances both productivity and comfort for employees.

Let’s explore how coworking spaces like The Crate are helping startups succeed

The Crate is a high-quality shared office space in Albany, and in Hamilton CBD. It’s designed to help startups improve productivity and efficiency. The space has different areas for different types of work. There’s also a friendly community. Visitors can enjoy great service such as barista coffee, and a welcoming atmosphere. The Crate organises events where startups can meet and connect with other like-minded individuals. It’s a clean and modern place with a luxurious lounge. There’s plenty of parking available, including valet service. The goal of The Crate is to offer a unique coworking experience.

The Crate offers a modern workspace for startups who need flexibility and professionalism. Their Shared Office Space offers an environment where collaboration happens and productivity increases.

1. Flexible Plans 

The Crate offers shorter terms and notice periods. This allows startups to adapt to their changing business needs without being tied to long leases.

2. Access When Need It

Members enjoy unlimited access during business hours to The Crate’s business lounge, focus pods, and breakout areas as well as workstations and meeting rooms whenever they need. This caters to various work preferences and collaboration needs.

3. Professional Environment

The shared office space has a professional and collaborative atmosphere. It offers networking opportunities for individuals to connect with like-minded peers and explore potential growth.

4. Premium Amenities

Shared amenities include onsite daily barista coffee, luxury massage chairs, and rolled hand towels. These amenities enhance the work experience, focusing on comfort and convenience for members.

5. Productivity Boost

Research shows that shared office members often report higher job satisfaction, increased physical activity, and improved work-life balance. The Crate aims to provide an environment conducive to productivity without using sales tactics.

The Crate’s Shared Office Space highlights the benefits of productivity, community, and flexibility. It is a good option for startups to consider.


Startups are using shared office spaces more as a solution for more agility and saving money. There are many benefits to choosing a flexible office for startups, including saving money, access to amenities, and scalability. With a shared office, startups have more opportunities to collaborate and meet new people. This helps them adjust to changes in the market, come up with new ideas, and grow faster.

When choosing a flexible office, it’s important to think about things such as where it is, what it offers, the people there, how easy it is to change, and how much it costs.

In the end, by choosing a flexible office space, startups are ready for the future of work and making their business more likely to succeed in a changing business world.

Joining a community that helps each other succeed can make a big difference in your work life. Start your journey to a better workspace at The Crate. You’ll find a place where you can work well, connect with others, and have the flexibility you need. Come and be a part of The Crate today!

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