Do you love connection, the ability to work flexibly, and the collective energy that working with others creates?

So do we!

Which is why The Crate Flexible Office Space came to be.


Hey, I’m Dean, the founder of The Crate.

Our story all began back in 2014 when we were looking for a North Shore office space for our online marketing company. Nothing we saw felt right.

Because we couldn’t find a space that reflected our culture and gave the right impression to our team and clients, we decided to create our own and share it with others. The first iteration of The Crate was born!

We found ourselves in a small office unit in the back of Rosedale, Albany. It was a space that accommodated our team, had a few meeting rooms and twelve extra desks. Of course we needed some furniture, so we “borrowed” some pallets (or Crates as we like to call them) from local warehouses and fashioned some desks.

We had created the North Shore’s first ‘rent by desk’ shared office solution. Check out a few pics from our humble beginnings:


It didn’t take long for word to get out about the collaborative community space we had created. We quickly filled the twelve desks with a number of exciting small businesses who formed the foundations of The Crate family.

From the start, our goal was to give traditional tenants an alternative solution to standard office leasing. Happily, we were able to remove the burden of restrictive long term leases. Instead, we offered flexibility, extreme customer service and a fun, family environment.

First impressions really matter to us (and every impression after that too). So, we make it our mission to wow our Crate family (and the clients that visit them) with great impressions every day. From the moment you walk in the door to when you head home for the night.


The popularity of our collaborative shared space grew quickly. Before we knew it, expansion was on the cards.

We grew from our initial 160sqm space to a 320sqm space. But it still wasn’t enough. So, we then moved to our current premium location at 28 Constellation Drive in Rosedale. Here, we have 1000sqm of modern, customisable office space, meeting rooms, event spaces and carparking. All within a few hundred metres of motorway on and off ramps, as well as a major bus station.

The Crate is more than just a shared office space space. You don’t simply rent a desk. When you join the team, you join the family too. You get to connect, network and collaborate, plus enjoy the premium community benefits too. After all, how many other workspaces have an onsite barista and massage chairs?

If you want to say goodbye to restrictive leases, love to connect with amazing businesses and work in a flexible, dynamic environment, then we would love to have you here at The Crate.

Make an enquiry about our shared office space today.


To provide a flexible office space that is on-trend, accessible, secure and commercially viable.

To deliver a level of service and hospitality that is memorable, in an environment where our clients love to show up each day and call this the home of their company.

To be considered a gateway for doing business, where we do community, we collaborate, we work hard and we take the occasional breather together.



We believe we are BETTER TOGETHER

Being connected gives us the opportunity to be efficient, share costs, share intellectual smarts, share networks and collaborate. This makes our clients attractive, stronger and more resilient.


Everything we do is CUSTOMISABLE

Our flexible approach to providing office space gives business’s confidence during times of uncertainty. Our philosophy to accommodate change and continually innovate our use of office space, furniture, parking and the way we sell it, makes it a no brainer for our clients to join and stay.


We deliver a HOSPITALITY

We get a kick out of serving our clients. Our culture speaks family, our environment feels cheerful, our extra touches show hospitality, our offering is beneficial and our attention to detail is noticeable. We listen, we respect and we are quick to respond.

get flexible and move into the crate

We deliver a fully-customisable, cost-effective office space without traditional leasing requirements.