North Shore’s first Shared Office / Coworking Space

The Crate Shared Space started in 2014, when we were looking for an office space to share for our online marketing company Online Results on the North Shore of Auckland. With no luck in finding an office space that reflected the culture or the first impressions we wanted our team and our clients to get when they stepped inside our business.

We thought why not make our own Coworking Space and share it with others! We found ourselves a small office unit in the back of Rosedale, Albany that could accommodate our business with a few meeting rooms and twelve extra desks, we then “borrowed”  some pallets (or Crates as we like to call them) from local warehouses to make some desks, and created the North Shore’s first “rent by desk” shared office solution.

And that’s how it all started. (Check out a few pic’s from the good old days and our humble beginnings)


We quickly filled up with a number of exciting small businesses who needed the benefits of coworking and loved our mix of professional and trendy office space coupled with community, family and fun.

Our goal right from the start was to give traditional tenants an alternative solution to traditional office leasing, to remove the burden of long term leases and over delivering on first impressions and customer service. Our first priority was and still is to this day, to be the master of first impressions, and have the impression set too for our tenants clients.

Our collaborative shared space quickly grew with popularity, and before we knew it, expansion was required. We grew from our initial 160sqm space to 320sqm, we then required further expansion and moved to our premium location at 28 Constellation Drive in Rosedale, where we now have 1000sqm of trendy customisable office space, meeting rooms, event spaces and car parking. All within a few hundred metres from major bus stations and motorway on ramps.

Our new shared office space is located on Constellation Drive, Rosedale, Auckland.

get flexible and move into the crate

We deliver a fully-customisable, cost-effective office space without traditional leasing requirements.