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By joining The Crate, you’ll be joining Auckland’s most vibrant coworking space. You’ll also be
opening the door to a sea of networking opportunities, state-of-the-art amenities and technologies, and a
work environment so conducive to productivity that you could end up with a four-day work week.






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We are proud to be the only co-working space in New Zealand with this many Google reviews – and that’s by a country mile!

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I can’t speak highly enough of my experience working in The Crate. The team foster an absolutely amazing office culture who are always full of positive energy and big smiles all round. Not to mention the office fit out means you have plenty of space to shuffle between meeting rooms or simply find a quiet zone if you need to. If I do end up requiring my own workspace again in the future I will absolutely be coming back to The Crate. A HUGE THANKS TO ANDY, TIFFANY & DEAN. They’re all amazing human beings who always put their members first! Thanks so much guys!  🙂


Will Zhang

Co-working is definitely not new to me, but I have to say that The Crate is the only one made me feel I belong there from day 1. Andy and Tiffany were super friendly and helpful, they went above and beyond making sure everyone is looked after, from the morning coffee banter to the well maintained facilities. 100% recommended!!!


Gillian Bredl

Working at the Crate has been amazing for my small business. The atmosphere is amazing and the people are so friendly. I love the massage chairs and the tea! The opportunity to connect with other businesses has been valuable. I like its central location, staff values and I feel like I’ve found a work family. Highly recommend. More than just an office space!


Liam Matheson

After partnering with Dean on various projects and several visits to The Crate over the last six months, I can confidently say the team have delivered a great product and environment. The service and people are second to none creating a space for both young and mature businesses to collaborate and grow together.


Allison Mooney

The minute you walk into The Crate you feel a sense of community. The staff know how to make you feel at ease. the facilities cater for everything. From massage chairs, great coffee, soundproof stations, contact with people or finding that quiet place. I have worked in First Class Airline Lounges, and the calibre of service is up there with the best. With businesses wanting to utilise business space, this is a must “go-to”.


Topmark Accounts

The team at The Crate have been so helpful from efficient booking processes, easy parking, helping me set up my laptop and AV and even providing water, plates and napkins for my catering! We will definitely be back! The venue feels super professional-our team loved it!!

We have booked for a second time now and had a similar very professional experience including yummy coffee! We will be back!


Clinton Hand

The Crate is a fantastic venue with a vibrant setting that can’t help but get you excited about your workday. It has great technology available to help you perform your daily duties but these aren’t even the best features. It’s the people that make it. Dean, Andy and the team quickly made The Crate feel like we had been there forever as well as creating an outstanding community amongst the tenants who have all been very welcoming to us. Why would you look elsewhere?


Melanie Mitt

If you need a professional office space with a vibrant atmosphere, The Crate is your answer! Great modern premises, excellent coffee and friendly team. Wide range of businesses with regular networking opportunities.


Richard Siregar

I was initially sceptical about coworking spaces. But my first day being at the Crate turned that perception upside down. The place is so vibrant filled with fun loving yet intelligent professionals. Several meeting rooms with high tech video conferencing equipment. Lots of pods upstairs and downstairs for anyone who needs a break from routines. The friendly owners and the office manager always throw a smile and greet you throughout the day. They make good coffee too! It’s a pleasant place to work.


Barry Hardy

As the owner of Imara Recruitment, we have transitioned back to a resident engagement with The Crate. The impact to our productivity has been amazing not to mention, the sense of community, and the positive environment to work every day is outstanding. The facilities work every time, the team Dean, Andy and Tiffany are there to help and do without fuss and importantly the other residents are open, friendly and just good aground people. Highly recommend.



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Private Suites

Match your working style to one of our three work
spaces, Professional Office, Classic Space or
Vibrant Zone. 


Share Office Space

Access our office space with a range of co-working options to suit your work needs. 


Virtual Office

Locate your business at The Crate while working remotely from anywhere in the


Meeting Rooms

Book one of our private meeting rooms
equipped with all you need including a whiteboard, display screen and video



Have the opportunity to collaborate, get
business advice, make new connections, and create friendships within our



How to find a coworking space that you love?

As the old saying goes, location, location, location… you don’t want to commute from too far or
wrestle with the traffic to get to your coworking space. To begin with, choose a coworking flexible
office space near your home to ensure a short commute whether by car, walking, bicycle or electric
scooter. The Crate, located at 28 Constellation Drive on the North Shore (and at 526 Victoria Street
in Hamilton), is close to motorway access and it’s on a mainstream bus route. The Crate on the
Auckland’s North Shore is within walking distance of the Constellation Bus Station.

Choose a place that makes you feel welcome. At The Crate Flexible Office Space, you will always be
greeted with a smile and a community where young and more mature entrepreneurs, remote
workers and self-employed people mix freely, collaborate and socialise. Speaking of social, a
relatively active social life is an important part of a coworking space. The Crate, for example, has
Thursday Drinks and Business Networking with Locals as regular weekly and monthly events where
everybody can come together to mix and socialise.

A central location near conveniences like restaurants, cafes, takeaways, and gyms is
important—being on a central arterial, The Crate’s neighbours include cafes, shops and
neighbouring gyms. You also want a coworking space that takes care of everything, from meeting
rooms, reception, printers and fast Wi-Fi—make sure it also has places to relax, de-stress or simply
hang out.

What is a coworking space?

At The Crate, we like to think of a coworking space as a community of similar and disparate
companies, self-employed people, and remote workers together in a communal but professional
environment. A place where you can connect with people who can help you, advise you or who
simply share things in common with you—it’s an office with great furniture, a productive ambience
and where all your support services like concierge, printers, Wi-Fi, coffee, and other needs are taken
care of.

Others may describe a flexible coworking office as a neutral space where people share costs and
infrastructure while working independently on different projects (without feeling socially isolated).
For others, it’s an arrangement where workers from different companies share an open office.
Benefits include cost savings from sharing common infrastructure and services.

But to us here at The Crate (a coworking space in Auckland and Hamilton), that all sounds a bit dry.
These descriptions are relatively accurate but they do not describe the warmth that can come from
doing your own thing in a friendly, welcoming, and thriving environment. If you want a buzz and a
sense of industrious energy and focus—you’ll find it at The Crate.

What are the benefits of a coworking space?

Coworking spaces like The Crate on Auckland’s North Shore and Hamilton central offer a productive
environment, business facilities (printers, Wi-Fi, coffee, meeting rooms) and support to help you
achieve your work goals. Daily structure, networking opportunities and a productive environment
(without the isolation that comes from working at home) are a given.

If you choose your coworking space well, you’ll enjoy a shorter commute, familiar faces and an
atmosphere that celebrates work, business, and collaboration. In essence, a work community rather
than just people at the office. In the right shared office space, like The Crate, you will benefit from a
collective dynamic of mental energy, physical energy and motivation that is proven to naturally
increase performance and productivity.

One of the biggest benefits is that you get to spend time with people who want to be there and love
what they do. Collaboration between companies and freelancers, networking opportunities,
referrals, foot traffic and relationships can make a significant contribution to the profitability,
reputation and growth of your business. At The Crate, we work particularly hard to create an
environment and community that offer these benefits to our members.

What do coworking spaces offer?

What shared office spaces offer depends on the coworking space itself.

At The Crate, you enjoy barista-made coffee, a café-like business lounge, meeting rooms (each with
a complete audio-visual and video conferencing set-up), quiet spaces, massage chairs, stunning
furniture and decor, communal kitchens, and a bar fridge.

You can also rent a private office, a permanent office desk or a hot desk in one of three productivity zones,
according to your preferred work environment.

Expect 24/7 accessibility if you rent a permanent desk or office. Everybody at The Crate has access to
workstations, ergonomic furniture, remote printer and copier, concierge services, courier and mail
handling, ultra-fast internet, boardroom and meeting room and a friendly business community
which includes networking events and socials.

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