6 Ways To Calm Yourself Before Giving A Big Presentation Or Talk

Let yourself loose and battle that anxiety with these simple tips before stepping into the boardroom for a meeting

Public speaking is not everyone’s forte and things get complicated when you need to talk in front of people who matter when it comes to your success plan.

Not surprising that it is tough to express your perspective in front of them. After all, not everyone can be Abraham Lincoln delivering Gettysburg Address. However, you can have your own Lincoln moment and create your own Gettysburg affect

In order to achieve that there are some vital things that one can take care of to perfectly calm and compose you before that make or break the presentation.

Practice is the ultimate key

Practice makes a man perfect and it is the main mantra when it comes to giving the big presentation. The more you rehearse the better you are at it. While you might have a time constraint, it is important if you want to make a serious impact on potential clients and investors. What you say, makes the most impact. So be sure of your speech. Being spontaneous is great but not when it’s your only chance.

Try practising your speech a couple of times before speaking in front of all these people. Have some great quotes and references.

In fact, before giving one record yourself and check where you are lacking. Evaluate and see if that is the way you would want to proceed. Make cue cards if they help, there is no harm in referring to things from time to time.

Reduce the surprise factor

Preparation is the ultimate key. Don’t leave things for the last moment. When we say to prepare it isn’t just what you will present but also that everything is in place. Take a glance at the electronic equipment, meeting room, the number of people that place can accommodate, refreshments and so on.

One can get nervous anytime, anywhere when something out of place happens, and you don’t want that. Well, surprises are great but not every time. Try to reduce the factor of it.

When Nervous Turns the Forces

Sounds difficult to understand? Believe it or not, a lot of people before entering the boardroom when are nervous either listen to music and tap their feet and some even watch the climax of the movie to calm their nerves. Why do they do that? It instantly helps them to turn the nervous feeling to enthusiasm, something that is the need of the hour.

Studies and research have shown that the enthusiasm factor makes a huge difference in the way you present something. Do whatever suits you but just know the key.

Start the day early

Make sure you are at your own presentation before time. You don’t want to arrive late and get bombarded with things happening around. Give yourself enough time to settle down before you start the talk and take things in your hand.

Walk around the space, try thinking and analyzing. This will give you enough time to get equipped to the place and you will exactly know how and when to proceed.

The Three A’s

Attend, Alert & Absorb. These three words should absolutely be in your head. If you are giving a talk or a presentation at an event or a seminar, make sure you attend some previous presentations as well. It helps to understand the vibe of the whole convention. Listen to your fellow presenters, be alert and hear them out. Absorb how the audiences are behaving; this will let you know what exactly the mood is around.

In fact, there are huge changes that what the other presenter might be saying; you can use it while making a point in your own talk.

Flaunt your smile

Replace your stress and building up anxiety level with a smile. Be confident, make most of your warmth whenever possible. A smile is a sign that you are confident about your work. Just don’t go overboard with it, you don’t want to prove yourself as the clown.

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