Why Shared Spaces are so Popular

Why Shared Spaces Are so Popular

Why flexible spaces are popular in times of uncertainty

“Uncertain Times”. We’ve heard that phrase a lot lately, but what does it mean, and what does it mean for business specifically? And how do you minimise its impact on your business?


The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus between late 2019 and early 2020 changed the world. In 2022 the impact is noticeable, but the uncertainty comes from how society and Governments responded and the fallout from this response.

The uncertainty from Government response

Some governments took a “zero Covid” approach, with stringent lockdowns, mask mandates, and now vaccine mandates. Others were lax, basically leaving precautions up to the citizens. Yet others swung back and forth between these two extremes to varying degrees, sometimes with no warning.

Here the uncertainty cascades. When can my workers come into the office? If they can, will it be safe? Will they even want to? The response from the government is uncertain because – they argue – the virus is unpredictable.

Uncertainty Over Variants

It feels as if new variants are discovered daily. Each one is a little different in how it affects those who catch it, how it’s transferred, and how well vaccines combat it. Essentially no one is ever sure what the next variant will do or where it’ll appear. This increases uncertainty in people’s minds.

People Prioritise Differently

Some don’t feel safe venturing out. Others would rather work from home. Many are fed up with being locked indoors and will jump at the chance to start working in person again, either for the utility offices provided or because they miss the social aspect of working.

In essence, people want different things. This difference in desire has led to social divisions. The vaccinated vs the unvaccinated, those who want to stay locked down and those who want everything open, etc.

All of this uncertainty, when taken together, has affected the global economy.

Economic Boom or Bust

Varied responses by governments have led to supply chain hold-ups, divisions in the workforce complicating operations, self-isolation at the sign of a sniffle, and gridlocks in decision-making – all leading to an increased risk for business. There are so many factors you have to consider, and each one is complicated by the current situation. This makes it difficult to commit to anything.

Overcommitting to one thing could cause losses depending on what the government decides or what your workforce wants.

The Solution

In plain terms, the solution is flexibility in the form of coworking spaces.

It is a solution that solves all three of the broad areas of uncertainty identified above. There’s no fixed lease on a coworking space, and amenities are provided. You pay only for what is used when it’s used.

Hard lockdown? Not a problem; you’re not overinvested. It also allows for a split but cohesive workforce. Does an outbreak occur? Those affected can isolate and work from home, and there’s no desk going to waste. Best of all, it provides flexibility to your workers.

If some want to come in and others don’t, you don’t have to compromise by only accommodating a majority. They’re at liberty to choose how they work, and your operations won’t suffer.

Ultimately coworking spaces are efficient in terms of cost and operation. The world has changed, and no one knows when it’ll change again. Unfortunately, the uncertainty is here to stay, but now you know about its antidote—flexibility.

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