The ‘rent a desk’ work environment is a new type of office that’s fast becoming the way to go for young entrepreneurs and start-ups. There are many benefits for you in a rent a desk office, such as a receptionist and a boardroom, but there are other things available in a shared office that you won’t get elsewhere.

Organic Networking

If you rent a desk with The Crate you don’t even need to make an effort to make potential new clients! When you work in this type of environment, just going about your day to day business is more than enough to meet people and make new connections. Getting chatting in the kitchen about your day, and suddenly you’re talking about a third party who needs exactly what you’re selling! It happens more often than you think.

Increase your efficiency

Working from home is fine… up to a point. There’s a real psychological need to separate your work and home life, and using a rent a desk office is a great way to get around this problem. Getting out of your house to go to work makes you more productive, happier and more efficient in your job. And of course, you’ll be around other people, many of whom will be able to help you if you need it. If your computer isn’t behaving the way it should, well don’t worry, the guy beside you has a history in IT, so he can fix it in 30 seconds!

Grow your knowledge

By working in a rent a desk office, you’re continuously surrounded by other people from occupations that you know nothing about. The guy sitting beside you sells Japanese sex pillows. Did you even know that was a thing? Well you do now! And guess what- he needs a graphic designer to help with his new logo! You’ve now got a new client. A creepy, well-paying client.

Making friends

And of course, there’s one thing that beats all when it comes to a rent a desk environment; making friends. Here you’ll be surrounded by other like-minded individuals, people who have the same entrepreneurial attitude you do, and share the same worries and fears. It’s a perfect environment for growing friendships, and you can never have too many friends.

If you’re interested in signing up with The Crate and using our rent a desk office, give us a call today!

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