How to Maximize Your Hybrid Work Life at The Crate in Northshore, Auckland

 In the evolving world of work, the ability to blend the comfort of remote working with the energising ambience of a physical office has become a must-have. Welcome to the world of Hybrid working, and discover how to make the most of it at The Crate, featuring 24/7 access, community collaboration, social events, wellness massage zone & gym memberships, specialised work zones and more!

1. Embrace Flexibility with 24/7 Access

Don’t be confined to traditional office hours. With 24/7 access at The Crate. you set your own schedule. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, your perfect workspace awaits.

2. Connect and Collaborate

The Crate offers multiple work zones, break-out areas, and luxurious hush pods for every need. Collaborate with like-minded professionals or find a quiet corner to focus.

3. Stay Healthy and Energized

Take advantage of 8 weeks free gym membership at Snap Mairangi Bay, just next door. After your workout, indulge in the luxurious full-body message chairs at The Crate.

4. Enjoy the Perks

From Monday Sconedays to Thursday Drinks, The Crate’s vibrant community offers social activities to break up your workweek. Plus, generous on-site parking and a well-equipped members’ kitchen add daily convenience.

5. Create Your Perfect Work Environment

Three different work zones offer options to match your mood and tasks. Need to concentrate? Luxurious hush pods await. Want to brainstorm with your team? Collaborative spaces are ready for you.

6. Indulge Your Senses

Known for the best coffee in Northshore, Auckland, and with an inviting and modern office space, The Crate makes every workday enjoyable. 

Find Your Balance with Hybrid Working

Hybrid working is all about balance, flexibility, and personalisation. At The Crate in Northshore, Auckland, you’ll find a unique blend of amenities and community to help you thrive in this new work era.

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