If you’re looking to start your own business, then a North Shore shared office is the perfect way forward! Office sharing, or a ‘rent-a-desk’ is the latest way young entrepreneurs and small business owners can grow their own business into something bigger, allowing them to compete with the larger companies.

How does it work?

It’s a simple concept; strength in numbers. Lots of small, self-employed business owners, working in the same North Shore shared office, helping, supporting and learning from each other. Office sharing is the perfect way for entrepreneurs to network, grow and learn the ropes. If you’re self-employed or starting your own business, working with other people in the same boat as you, but not in competition with you, is the perfect way to grow and learn.

A North Shore shared office is a great way to give that all important first impression. By joining the other businesses at The Crate, you have a polite and professional receptionist to answer any phone calls your company may receive. This gives the impression you’re a lot bigger than you actually are, and along with a credible postal address to add into emails and business cards, your one-man band is now competing with the big boys. If you have a client meeting, where would you rather have it: in a professional boardroom with a large television to show presentations, or around your kitchen table? A North Shore shared office adds credibility, professionalism and legitimacy to your business, no matter how small your operation may be.

Working from your home office is fine up to a point, but you’re going to find it tough to make those business contacts by sitting in a small room alone all day. With a North Shore shared office you can meet other entrepreneurs and self-employed small business owners. Networking becomes part of your everyday working life, and important connections are made, not just in a business sense, but also in a social one.

So if you think a North Shore shared office is the way forward for your business, then give The Crate a call today!

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